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theSkimm: Things we like--PSBTY


New Entrepreneur Lesson of the Day: Find secret weapons.

Since starting theSkimm we have had some very exciting opportunities for photo shoots and to be on camera. Good news: yay/omg. Bad news: Try to cover looking exhausted and try not to spend money while doing so.

In the past,…

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  • April 29th, 2013

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HOW TO: Have tiny jeweled Fabergé eggs for nails

You will need:

+You will need 2 shades of Polish, one solid color and one glitter or metallic 

+50+ small beads


Begin by painting each nail with the solid polish. 2 - 3 coats or until you achieve the base you are looking for.

Let it dry before you start applying your 2nd shade to the tip and perhaps center of the nail.

With the glitter you can generally get away with just 1 coat.

Give it a minute and then start lining your mani with fun beads…use your tweezers to place your beads, and don’t worry about glue, your polish will work as the base and your final top coat will seal them in.

How TO: Make your own Tinted Moisturizer

Things you will need:

*A foundation brush

*Your favorite foundation

*a serum, preferably a hydrating serum (Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Serum, Chanel Hydramax Serum)

Convenience is everything, when I travel I make it a point to only take exactly what I need but pack clothes and makeup that is versatile…works during the day, can be transformed into something for the evening, etc.

Here is how you can make your full coverage foundation work as a tinted moisturizer during the day and bump it up for the evening.

Step 1:  Pump half a pump of your foundation into the palm of you hand and mix in half a pump of a hydrating serum of your preference (you can control the coverage based on how much foundation and serum you use)

Step 2:Use your foundation brush to mix them together in the palm of your hand

Step 3: Apply on your face

You will notice light flawless coverage that looks refreshed and perfect for the day.  The serum helps break down the consistency of the foundation and adds a natural glow, but also works as your serum to keep constant hydration.

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  • January 14th, 2013

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Kiehl’s: The one stop shop

Are you a man of convenience and are looking for a brand that has it all?

Kiehl’s produce skincare and body products for both men and women but a rarity as they have an extensive line of skin and body care dedicated to men.

It is certainly an easy brand for a man to get used to as it is a one stop shop for all things grooming head to toe.  Their packaging is universal and does not make a man feel uncomfortable, the products are packaged conveniently for travel and everything they sell is unisex.

So if you happen to like a cream that isn’t from the mans skincare line, no problem. Their creams don’t have aggressive scents to them, they generally carry everything in both oil-free and heavy texture formulas and all their products are meant to be worn year round.

Some of our favorites are:

GRAPEFRUIT Bath and Shower Liquid Body Cleanse - this particular wash isn’t a heavy foam wash but rather a soft cleanse.  It is great for daily use and leaves your skin refreshed and hydrated.  The scent is very settle and favored by men.


Hair thickening Shampoo - For those who are noticing thinning hair this is a great everyday shampoo that will help restore the natural amino acids and has extracts that help boost your hair with proteins for a fuller head of hair.

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  • January 13th, 2013

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